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The area is full of amenities and facilities. Within only 200 metres (0,13 miles) you can find coach and skibus stop, food store, market, bank, bar, pub, restaurants, tourism office, the library and a playground.

Geographic position of Cavedago : 

Trento is 32 km away (20 miles)           Rovereto is 56 km away (34 miles)            Bolzano is 58 km away (35 miles)

Verona is 128 km away (79 miles)          Venice is 242 km away (150 miles)

On the map :

Appartamento Centrale Dolomiti           Andalo and its ski-slopes                  Fai della Paganella and its ski-slopes

Molveno and the lake                                 Spormaggiore and the Bear Park

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